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What I'm up to Now
  • Location: Diving into winter in upstate NY. Trying to stay healthy and trying to buy as much food from our favorite local restaurants as possible, most often The Ruck and Antipastos.

  • Work: I'm currently the lead product manager with a client in the music industry. I also do back-end dev work with them. Right now we're roadmapping out the next six months or so of our platform development. On the development side, I'm currently building out a new GraphQL API to replace our legacy REST API and in the past couple of weeks I've also been interviewing people for our lead UI/UX position.

  • Reading: Slowly working my way through the complete collection of Hemingway's short stories...I also just started A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki and so far I love the writing style. It was a Christmas gift from my mom, who's a librarian and a voracious and discerning reader. On the work side, I'm going through Brief by Joseph McCormack, which I heard about on The Art of Manliness podcast and thought it would provide some value since I have a tendency towards over-verboseness. See more details in my Reading page here.

  • Listening to: Just received My Favorite Things and Giant Steps by John Coltrane. My Favorite Things was one of the albums that hooked me on jazz early on -- it was magical to hear the title track, with this new rhythm and groove of an old, dry, childish song. However, Giant Steps has been the album on heavy rotation since it showed up at the door...

  • Other stuff: I've been working on an outline and some first drafts for a series of short articles on product management and building strong teams. Hopefully I'll have enough content in the next month or so to start posting them here.