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Life Stuff

Our kiddo is 9 months old now. That, more or less, is what's going on in 'life stuff'.

Work Stuff

I'm one of four people reworking how our organization runs project lifecycles. We've started rolling out the process and have been running our projects with this new model. I've done this on the consulting side for other organizations quite a bit in the past, but it's more difficult doing it from the inside. We've had to revamp the entire lifecycle, from project conception and product work through to full delivery and ongoing development. It's been sorely needed and it's great to get it rolling, but any actual product work on my side has been on the back burner as we've worked through this.

Other Stuff

After a couple years, finally finished the full collection of Hemingway's short stories...It feels like finishing Moby Dick in a way. Some were ineffably spectacular, some were great, some were just good. Just started The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon. See more details on my Reading page here.

We finished Severance. Loved it. Best show I've seen in a long time! Just started Minx, which seems fun. Also watching Slow Horses, which is a shadow darker than I expected, but really good. Gary Oldman is such a great actor, though I can't understand about 33% of the dialogue in the show...