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Life Stuff

Our kiddo is 14 weeks old now. That, more or less, is what's going on in 'life stuff'.

Work Stuff

I'm one of four people reworking how our organization runs project lifecycles. It's been a long slog, but we've started rolling out the process and we kicked off a pilot project last week. I've done this on the consulting side for other organizations quite a bit in the past, but it's certainly a lot more difficult doing it from the inside. We've had to revamp the entire lifecycle, from project conception and product work through to full delivery and ongoing development. It's been sorely needed and it's great to get it rolling, but any actual product work on my side has been on the back burner as we've worked through this.

Other Stuff

Still working on the full collection of Hemingway's short stories. Also, finally got through the first half of The Brothers Karamazov and I'm grasping it better now. The first half was an absolute slog, but the writing shifted some and I also had some kind of shift in my understanding. Dostoyevsky is just a fucking genius...That said, If you know of any good reading guides, shoot them my way. This book, like Ulysses or any Shakespeare, should be read in a class. See more details on my Reading page here.

Dune. Is. Awesome. I'm a fan of the first movie and a big fan of Denis Villeneuve. This version of Dune is spectacular. The visuals are breathtaking and the story is trackable but it maintains a lot of the meat of the book. I loved how it wasn't just a raw action/sci-fi flick. Villeneuve's visual aesthetic and patience in the scenes makes it an incredible experience. The only problem is I want to see the next one now (and rumor is it hasn't even been green-lit yet...).

We're also watching Ted Lasso and the Great British Baking Show (season 9!) right now. The Great British Baking Show is just a show we all need. What's better than a truly friendly, yet high-intensity, competition between amateur bakers? It's so far superior to any other reality competition out there. It embodies the perspective of 'competing with' rather than 'competing against', the former meaning everyone brings out the absolute best in each other vs. the latter having the intent to destroy the opponent.

Ted Lasso is the show we all need. I wasn't an Apple TV subscriber but their marketing relationships pulled me in. I was flying out to our office in LA and on my flight (I think it was American) they offered some different TV options, one of which was two episodes of Ted Lasso. I watched them and I was hooked. We all know that Apple isn't running amateur hour in their marketing department. Brilliant job Apple. I got home and we subscribed JUST for Ted Lasso. We were excited about Foundation, but two or three episodes in the writing and characters felt weak. Great special effects though. Anyway, Ted Lasso is both the show we all need and we all need a Ted Lasso in our lives. The acting, the writing, the storylines are all just superb and Jason Sudeikis is so damned good (along with the rest of the cast).