This page is inspired by the Derek Sivers' NowNowNow project. See what it's all about here.

What I'm up to Now
  • Still hanging out in NY state. I got my first vaccine dose recently and spring is here, so things are looking up. Of late, weekends have consisted of a lot of projects related to reviving a dying lawn, prepping the big front garden, and similar springtime endeavors.

  • Work: Scoping out product development goals through Q3-- we've been against the wall in terms of proactive product planning since I rolled onto this contract, but we're gradually getting ahead. I'm also working on getting better data pipelines coming in, whereas when I took over the product management here, the 'data' was mostly from random one-off conversations with users...

  • Reading: Slowly working my way through the complete collection of Hemingway's short stories...I also picked up John LeCarre's first book, and now I'm quickly working my way through his George Smiley series every night before bed (I think he, like Stephen King, are underappreciated as writers because because they don't write 'literature'...). See more details in my Reading page here.

  • Listening to: Lots of instrumentals and beats (non-vocals), especially while I'm behind the keyboard. I've been listening to The Wall by Pink Floyd on the turntable a bunch recently -- it's such a great, great album.