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Life Stuff

We had a baby! Our son was born a few weeks ago and that's obviously the only thing really happening at this point. We're very excited as we begin this new phase of our lives...

Work Stuff

I'm more or less on paternity leave for a few weeks. I'll be going back soon. A couple of people recommended taking a few weeks off after our son is born, then a few more later, so that's my plan at the moment. We just hired a new junior product designer, so I'm working on some on-boarding training for her...most everything else is temporarily on the back-burner for me though...

Other Stuff

Still working on the full collection of Hemingway's short stories. Looking for some new good reads though. If you have any recommendations, shoot them my way. See more details in my Reading page here.

Just picked up the Definitely Maybe album by Oasis and have been listening to it quite a bit -- I don't think I ever listened to it end-to-end before. It's a great, great album and I'm sad that Oasis disintegrated.