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Life Stuff

Our kiddo is nearly a year old! A short while back someone told me that the days are loooong but the years are short, and it's so damned true. It's crazy that a year's gone by already. That, more or less, is what's going on in 'life stuff'.

Work Stuff

I recently accepted an offer for a product role at a an industry leading organization that provides easy-to-use, world-class security platform solutions. It's a large organization and wasn't the type of opportunity I'd normally jump into simply given the size of the company. I ended up going through 6 or 7 interviews (of varying levels of formality) spread over at least four weeks, including a full presentation on a product proposal. I ended up jumping in for a few reasons, not least of which was how depthy their interview process was (they care about getting the right people, they protect their teams!). It'll be an interesting and challenging (in a good way!) shift from the startup world to a much more established company in a highly competitive and challenging industry and I'm excited to work with the new team.

I accepted their offer with the caveat that I needed four weeks to roll off of Airbit and hand off my responsibilities as well as possible, so that's what has consumed the last few weeks. I'm certainly sad about leaving Airbit and the team here and I believe I've left it better off than when I arrived.

Other Stuff

After a couple years, finally finished the full collection of Hemingway's short stories...It feels like finishing Moby Dick in a way. Some were ineffably spectacular, some were great, some were just good. Just started The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon. See more details on my Reading page here.

We finished Severance. Loved it. Best show I've seen in a long time! Just started Minx, which seems fun. Also watching Slow Horses, which is a shade darker than I expected, but really good. Gary Oldman is such a great actor, though I can't understand about 33% of the dialogue in the show...

I've been binging Andrew Huberman's podcast, 'Huberman Lab', along with a pod called 'Plain English with Derek Thompson' which is put out by the Ringer Podcast Network. 'Plain English' does a great job of breaking down what's going on in the news and pulling out the reality from the static and BS of the daily/weekly news cycle -- highly recommended!

Been listening to a lot of Rancid lately -- primarily '...And Out Come The Wolves', but also some of their earlier stuff.