This page is inspired by the Derek Sivers' NowNowNow project. See what it's all about here.

Life Stuff

We're expecting our first kiddo in the very near future and we're very, very excited. This, of course, has catalyzed numerous projects, including:

  • Converting one of our home offices into a nursery (we've had two rooms as offices since the pandemic started)
  • Painting, decorating, and otherwise provisioning said nursery
  • Converting our larger office into a two-person office (thanks to Pat M for building a stunning L-shaped desk to cover two walls of the office)
  • General acquisition of innumerable newborn and infant necessities. Well...let's be serious, there are very few actual necessities. Most of this is 'nice to have' stuff. I never realized how commercialized pregnancy was.

Work Stuff

I'm the senior (and only) product manager at a music technology startup. We've been hiring software engineers, which has created a very big strain on my product team (consisting of me and a very good UI/UX person). We've started looking for someone to bring on as a product designer (or junior product manager) so I've been reviewing applicants (if you know anyone good, have them contact me at!).

Beyond that, I'm writing lots of project briefs and high level scopes to prep for some off time when the baby arrives, and putting together a plan/guidance for when I'm offline. I'm also talking to our community quite a bit these days, which I love.

Other Stuff

Sports and Stuff
We bought a power rack for the home gym, along with a bench, olympic barbell, and 380 pounds of weight. Loving it. I was surprised at how affordable a full power rack was (less than $300 for a reputable, reliable rack). Of course, there are plenty of extras I could pour money into, but we're going for the bare basics for the time being. The total cost for the rack, weights, barbell and bench were under $1,100, which will pay for itself in about a year since my wife and I cancelled our gym memberships. There are a bunch of great resources on getting a home gym together on the cheap. I found this one to be pretty good at Art of Manliness. Also, Mind Pump Fitness has some good resources.

Also, I've been watching the Tour de France in the mornings while I work out (it's available on PeacockTV). I have to say, it's pretty impressive how the commentators can make a 5+ hour road bike race feel exciting for the entire race -- they've hooked me and I'm excited to turn it on in the morning.

Still working on the full collection of Hemingway's short stories. Looking for some new good reads though. If you have any recommendations, shoot them my way. See more details in my Reading page here.

Been listening to a lot of Live at the Village Vanguard by John Coltrane. I just love this album. This weekend we threw on The Wall by Pink Floyd -- it reminds me of how good a full (double) album can be. It's so good.

We watched The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Friday night. It was a tough watch. If you like action movies, it's ok, but it was basically like Burt Macklin in a sci fi setting, even though it's not supposed to be funny (if you don't know Burt Macklin, watch Parks and Recreation). Unfortunately, I can't recommend it.

That said, we started watching Ted Lasso and it's a big winner. Love it.