This page is inspired by the Derek Sivers' NowNowNow project. See what it's all about here.

What I'm up to Now
  • Location: We're in New York state and it's getting cold...

  • Work: I'm leading the product management and I'm also a senior engineer with a start-up in the music industry. Right now I'm working on roadmapping out the next six months or so of our platform development and also project managing the development and release of a community-focused site. On the development side, I'm currently building out a new GraphQL API to replace our legacy REST API.

  • Reading: I'm still working my way through the complete collection of Hemingway's short stories. I recently finished the third book of the The Witcher novel trilogy (Baptism of Fire). I've throughly enjoyed Sapkowski's stories and reading the books makes the Netflix series a lot more understandable. I'm also listening to Insight by Tasha Eurich on Audible. See more details in my Reading page here.

  • Listening to: I've been listening to a lot of Jimmy Smith lately. When I was living in San Francisco I was two or three blocks from the Boom Boom Room, which John Lee Hooker owned and had live blues/funk/soul 7 days a week. Listening to Jimmy Smith play the Hammond B-3 organ on his live albums really evokes the feel of a night at the Boom Boom Room...

  • Fitness: Now that we're back in NY and don't have a national park 5 minutes away, it's been a bit harder to keep the fitness routine up. I ended up diving in and buying a rower after we got back and I've been on that a few times a week, along with 3x per week 90-minute TRX workout in our basement.

  • Other stuff: I've been working on an outline and some first drafts for a series of short articles on product management and building strong teams. Hopefully I'll have enough content in the next month or so to start posting them here.