I love Sapkowski's stories and storytelling, and The Tower of Fools only supports that feeling. This one is a much bigger novel than any of the Witcher series novels (almost 600 pages), but it moves quickly and nimbly through a fun, if light, story based in the early 1400s in what is now primarily eastern Poland, overlapping into the Czech Republic and Germany. Like the Witcher books, there are too many slavic names, places, and history for me to keep track of, and the story moves quickly. But despite that, it's a wonderfully fun read. A world of magic and demons is persistently haunting the periphery of the story, influencing bits all along the way. The characters are fun (if a bit underdeveloped for a 600-page tome) and it was a bit hard to track some of the reasoning behind the decisions and motivations of each of the troupe of heroes, but nonetheless, it's a well-written, good read and I'm looking forward to the English translation of Warriors of God, the next installment in the Hussite Trilogy. This is a great gift for someone who likes historical fantasy and myth. It's a great summer or vacation read.