The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. was a great, fun read. I like a lot of Neal Stephenson's work but he has a tendency to slide into overly intellectualized details (I've tried to get through the first book of the Baroque Cycle twice now and just got bored...) and Nicole Galland's talents reign that in quite a bit and the result is a very fun, fast-moving story about time travel, witchcraft, and government corruption (of sorts). They established the story and hooked me in within the first few paragraphs, to such a skillful extent that I went back and reread the first few pages three or four times just to see how well they get the story going so quickly. I've recommended this book to anyone who just loves to read. And it's one of those books that you can only do justice by reading (the audio book won't do it justice). The story is simply insane, but it's so well written that you'll completely suspend disbelief without any effort whatsoever. It's smart, funny, moves quickly, and is very well-written.

I'd give this to anyone who just loves to read; someone who wants a good, well-written story but wants something light and fun too.