I've always been an avid, if slow, reader. To my great surprise, I ended up studying literature (along with CS) for my undergrad degree, which enriched my world in ways that would be difficult to quantify. I would read a lot more now if it wasn't for other responsibilities. I'm using this page to simply track what I'm reading and any thoughts about the books as a future reference for potential birthday and Christmas presents, and maybe you can find some value in these as well. I try to update it every once in a while...

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Mark Boyle

I believe Audible recommended The Way Home to me because I'd previously listened to The World-Ending Fire, which is a collection of amazing Wendell Berry essays (which I can't recommend enough). The Way Home was quite a different exploration of technology and nature. The author, who is also a contributor to The Guardian, wrote the book (as far as I can tell) as a kind of journal of his exploration of giving up technology and... read more

Clayborne Carson

I believe Dr. King is one of the most important, heroic figures in our modern history. His character, compassion, empathy, eloquence, and wisdom are, in my opinion, unparalleled in American history and he's certainly one of the people I most admire. It's impossible not to see the parallels between the challenges he faced during his lifetime and in today's national and global events, yet we lack leaders, nationally and internationally, with even a few of... read more