If you're going to read one parenting book out there, or use one book as a jumping off point, this is the book. We bought and were given enough books on childbirth, raising kids, childhood development, sleep training, etc. etc. that we could fill a shelf or two on our bookshelf. Most of them were, unfortunately, relatively worthless. However, Cribsheets, which a guy I work with recommended, was an absolute gem. Why? Primarily because it wasn't a 'how to' that put forth particular opinions on how to do anything.

I'll skip the details on the author and the book, as you can do a quick search for either and get the general idea of her credentials and background and the summary of the book itself elsewhere. The value that we found was that it was an actual science/data-oriented book that helped summarize a lot of different questions and challenges. There were no deep-dives into particulars, but rather it gave us a very good understanding of different data and opinions surrounding, let's say, sleep training, and what things are supported by actual studies/data and what that data suggest. And almost universally the answer was: there's not one answer. Yet I felt more informed and resourceful having read this than anything else.

If you're having a baby, first or subsequent, I can't recommend this book highly enough.