I've always been an avid, if slow, reader. To my great surprise, I ended up studying literature (along with CS) for my undergrad degree, which enriched my world in ways that would be difficult to quantify. I would read a lot more now if it wasn't for other responsibilities. I'm using this page to simply track what I'm reading and any thoughts about the books as a future reference for potential birthday and Christmas presents, and maybe you can find some value in these as well. I try to update it every once in a while...

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Completed Reads - Science

Emily Oster

If you're going to read one parenting book out there, or use one book as a jumping off point, this is the book. We bought and were given enough books on childbirth, raising kids, childhood development, sleep training, etc. etc. that we could fill a shelf or two on our bookshelf. Most of them were, unfortunately, relatively worthless. However, Cribsheets, which a guy I work with recommended, was an absolute gem. Why? Primarily because it... read more

Isaac Asimov

I'm a definitely a fan of Asimov -- his creativity and prolificness is so impressive. The Robot and Foundation series' are certainly my favorites. I received The Gods Themselves from a bookseller I'd bought a collection of Hemingway's journalism from. He threw in a paperback of The Gods Themselves along with a couple other gifts (thanks @kayoulerarebooks!). I'd never heard of the novel, but the cover of the version he sent proclaims that... read more

Tim Harford

I bought The Data Detective after listening to an episode of Harford's podcast, Cautionary Tales (side note: very enjoyable podcast), where he read a selection from the book. He'd hooked me immediately. In The Data Detective Harford, an economist and journalist, dives into the value, dangers, and history of statistics and big data, bringing in events and narratives (current and historical) to elucidate the points he's making,

It was a great listen. He dives into... read more